April 2019

Interview sur la création de Mechanical Souls

Interview for the CNC’s “création numérique” web page, going over the process of creation of MS as a first time VR director.

February 2019

Podcast interview with L. P. Lee (concept, co-writer), Céline Tricart (cinematographer) and Gaëlle Mourre (co-writer, director). For those who impatiently want to listen to what they have to say on Mechanical Souls, skip to 15:35.

February 2019

“Stepping into “Mechanical Souls” at Sundance’s New Frontier Central, I was expecting to be cut off from the world by a headset, swiveling in an office chair by myself and absorbing a linear narrative as it played out around me. What I got instead was a batch of new coworkers, a pineapple tea cake, and a story to investigate about a robot bridesmaid developing a mind of her own.” 

February 2019

“Best Social Experience: Mechanical Souls”
“A handful of previous New Frontier projects have blurred the line between experimental art and live-action role-playing, and Mechanical Souls blends role-playing with VR video to strong effect.”

February 2019

“The branching storylines and live immersive theater of Mechanical Souls (Gaëlle Mourre, L.P. Lee et al) take what would otherwise be a straightforward 360 video story into a different realm.”

January 2019

May 2018

"(...) the score, cinematography and art direction at times share an allusion to classical paintings reminiscent of Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and Greenaway’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (...) The Feast literally makes an eye-popping, mouth-watering meal of this metaphor - it’s quite remarkable to watch, evoking all sorts of conflicting emotions."

March 2018

UK Film Review – The Feast

"The Feast is a sumptuous mystery of the gluttonous kind, with an appetising premise and a rich aesthetic (...) Told with a delectable sense of mystery and suspense, director Gaelle Mourre (...) knows how to pace herself in order to get the maximum impact of this tale of greed and sin (...) Seeing the transformation over the course of The Feast and beyond is terrific cinema."

September 2017, p. 16

"The Feast  (...)  sits somewhere on a spectrum between mystery and accessibility; somewhere spectacular. As a work of cinema, The Feast unites the mythic and modern."

September 2017

4.5/5 star rating 

"The idea behind this gem is original enough to spark curiosity, and completely delivers. I was easily pulled into a world that was moving on and changing (...)"

"From the opening frames of Awakening, you can immediately tell the kind of quality you’re getting. (...) Mourre’s film is a great one."